Episode 3: Health and Money with Dr. Marilyn Joyce

Show notes: (health and money)

woo woo stuff that’s important. FOLLOW YOUR GUT

Why Dr. Joyce is so tough to keep up with and why she wasn’t always healthy.

Our culture has broken down the human being into too many different parts

Health and Money:

How does health correlate to the money in our life? the literal answer

Health and Money: How does health correlate to the money in our life? the woo woo answer

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Episode 2: Contests with Donna Hamer

Show Notes:

1:00 Just do it!

3:40 How Donna runs her business from anywhere.

7:06 Donna’s leap from deciding what she would do to doing it

7:58 Why Donna has written tons of books, made #1 best seller twice and doesn’t think books are her thing

11:15 What happened in 2010 that made her change direction in her business

13:00 What made her hear caching so easily

14:00 Why she didn’t have to convince people they need to learn from her.

17:00 Why you shouldn’t stay humble

18:18 Donna Models her new hair-o

19:40 Donna & Brenda compete for best Donald Duck impersonations

21:47 What all of Donna’s work has in common

27:45 Why you need to build a list


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Episode 1: Pillow Talk How To Work At Home With Eleanor Prior

Show Notes:

Eleanor and Brenda are both full-time marketers. During this “pillow talk” episode, we talk about how we got started in our work at home businesses.

00:00 How Eleanor got started working from home

12:54 Should kids go to college for a degree or learn a skill?

17:07 How Eleanor paid for the courses she took

18:20 How Brenda Got Started working from home

25:00 How Eleanor weasled her way into a multi-millionaire’s event

27:00 Owning versus renting your website

33:00 Spoon Game

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