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One of my most savored memberships with the E1K Group hosted by my friend Dennis Becker. Find out what all the fuss is about with this free sampling of some of the top posts.


cover-300My mortgage is often paid with my Kindle Royalties.Discover how to publish your Kindle book online with this 5 day crash coarse.




easy buttonGrow Your Business In 3 Simple Steps”

1. Publish your offer in 2 minutes
Set your price and frequency (one-time, recurring, free and paid trials)


2. Add a 1 click upsell and a 1 click pre-sale also set up downsells for those who decline your upsells

3. Engage with customers with automatic emails

You can use Zaxxa’s FREE plug-in to create a membership site on your wordpress blog. (I use this for my authorship course)



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