Steve Roesenbaum

Discover how Steve got his tag-line while smoking a cigar.

How we went from fired to having to instant clients.

How he made an angry customer a faithful client.

Who knows more about Chicago food?

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Denise Da Costa Works From Home Helping others build packages

It is growing more difficult to stand out among the online crowd. Today’s guest Denisse Da Costa stands out by defining exactly how she helps others.  As a business coach, she helps women solopreneurs create irresistible offers that sell and attract more clients with a personalised marketing plan. Her clients can expect to  get well paid for their services and experience the success they’ve been dreaming of.

Angela Wills Works from home helping others live the laptop lifestyle

Angela’s mission is to “help women entrepreneurs use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom”. Angela believes in freedom comes the best creativity, because you are completely unleashed to be who you WANT to be. She can be found sharing tips and advice on living the Laptop Lifestyle at LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club Part two: 

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Face reader, Julie Parker Tells How To Make More Sales By Reading Faces

Show notes:

Your face can tell you more about your strengths, weaknesses, and even your health!

Julie left corporate America where she worked contract as an Oil & Gas lease records analyst for over 12 yrs to put her passions to work helping and empowering others in their lives and careers.  

Julie Parker has studied alternative healing and nutrition for over 30 years and recently discovered and added Face Reading in 2014. She combines her intuition, knowledge and skills to help people understand themselves and others on a deeper level so they can thrive personally or professionally from a place of love, and patience, compassion and unconditional acceptance vs judgement and criticism.

When you feel stuck at your job, make sure you fill yourself with things outside of the workplace. You can’t attract better opportunities when you are feeling depressed.

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Episode 3: Health and Money with Dr. Marilyn Joyce

Show notes: (health and money)

woo woo stuff that’s important. FOLLOW YOUR GUT

Why Dr. Joyce is so tough to keep up with and why she wasn’t always healthy.

Our culture has broken down the human being into too many different parts

Health and Money:

How does health correlate to the money in our life? the literal answer

Health and Money: How does health correlate to the money in our life? the woo woo answer

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Episode 2: Contests with Donna Hamer

Show Notes:

1:00 Just do it!

3:40 How Donna runs her business from anywhere.

7:06 Donna’s leap from deciding what she would do to doing it

7:58 Why Donna has written tons of books, made #1 best seller twice and doesn’t think books are her thing

11:15 What happened in 2010 that made her change direction in her business

13:00 What made her hear caching so easily

14:00 Why she didn’t have to convince people they need to learn from her.

17:00 Why you shouldn’t stay humble

18:18 Donna Models her new hair-o

19:40 Donna & Brenda compete for best Donald Duck impersonations

21:47 What all of Donna’s work has in common

27:45 Why you need to build a list


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Magic Money Alchemy With Morgana Rae and husband Devin

Show notes:
0:00 Why Brenda looks for things that don’t make sense.

3:00 Why Morgana and Devin are traveling the world

14:00 How Devin followed his passion and the money followed

16:30 The newlywed game

18:30 How Morgana explains to Devin what she does for a living

21:37 Why Morgana chose “money” as a topic to help others

23:38 What Morgana’s Money Honey told her about her love life

26:35 Devin’s advise to me

See wedding videos and find out if they made it to 100

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Jordana Jaffre and Gena Jaffre are a work at home married team

Jordana Jaffre and Gena Jaffre is one half of the Magical Business Academy and share the secrets of working from home with your spouse without a magic wand.

Watch and see:

-how unicorns help them stay home in their pajamas

-which one of them is an attorney and which one started as a professional organizer and which one likes to put together Ikea furniture

-how Jordana “called in” entrepreneurship for wife Gena

-is it possible to work together without arguing?

-the newly wed game

-how much of your personal life is ok to share in online business

-the litmus test Brenda says you can use to see if you can work with your spouse

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