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Do you want to create a sustainable income while cutting the commute and working from home?

Do you know that it is truly possible but you are stuck and don’t know where to start?

Do you dream of having a sustainable income without leaving your home?

It’s possible. I interview people every week who are doing just that.

Now, I want to be clear about something.

I can’t promise you will be rich.

I’m not saying you can make money doing nothing but eating bon-bons.

I can’t promise you six figures in 30 days either..

If you want those promises, there are plenty of others who offer that.

But if you want to build a business that offers you a consistent income and makes use of the passions you might not even know you have

I can help you

Now, I can’t promise you an immediate income.

You might not be motivated to take action.

You might be an overachiever.

You might take action and make a ton of money right away.

I can only help you discover what actions are marketable

So . . . if you are willing to have an open mind

If you are willing to see a possibility. . .

And then take action . . .

I’ll share with you how I can help . . .

You may know me as the author of Passion to Profits.

If you are reading this you are really ready to find the

passion inside you and use it to create an income that

lets you work from home or anywhere else in the world.

When you discover your passion and how to market it, you won’t be bound by geography.

You may help people all the way across the world,

or people in your own backyard.

Your source of income will mean something because

you are utilizing something you care about (even if you

Don’t already know what that is.)

You’ll be excited to wake up every day and do something

you enjoy for reasons you care about.

So let me ask YOU this:

Do YOU want to find your passion AND make money from it?:

First,  figure out what you really care about, your skills, and how they can be combined.

Next, decide how that combination can be marketed and who it can help.

Finally, market and fulfill your offer.

It looks simple, and it is…

when you have help. You’ve probably tried it on your own.

Maybe you got stuck trying to figure out what you are passionate

about. Perhaps you didn’t know that people would pay you to use

that passion. Or maybe you just don’t know how to market it.

Here is where to start . . . .

I can help you put a plan together.

We start by listing out your passions and your skills. . .

–> even if you don’t think you have any passions

–> even if you don’t know your skills

Next we decide how they can fit together

–> Even when it doesn’t look like anything you’ve said relates

–> Here is how it works

We talk.

I use my skill as a master interviewer to find out what really makes you tick.

We revisit things from your past that will help spark a fire for your future.

–> I will give you some ideas about how your skills and passions fit together.

It most likely won’t make sense to you at first.

I’ve done this for many clients and the response is often “wow, I would never have thought of that.”


We record the phone call so you don’t need to take notes and you won’t miss out on “aha” moments.

→ You get the recording and a mind-map

This mind map will show all of the ideas we discuss, not just the plan you decide to go with. More than likely, you will have several ideas about how to market your skills and passion.

You will have at least one idea to pursue as a business model or work at home opportunity

Most of my clients end this call with more than one idea. I help you sort through them and decide which one to try first.

You only invest about 1 hour of your time.

It can take upto 3 days to get your mindmap and recording, but you will already have a pretty clear idea of what you can do next.

How long have you been trying to figure out where to start?

Sometimes it just takes another eye to look at where you are and where you want to be. Sometimes it is just too hard to do on your own.

That’s why I offer this rare opportunity.

It is no secret. I believe that time is money. I teach people to work with groups, or sell packages, but almost always deter them from working with people one on one. Unless it is for a very large fee.

You shouldn’t work with someone one on one for less than $3000

Actually if you were my client, I would tell you that this is an offer you should NEVER make. I already have case studies, but I LOVE helping people in this way.

So instead of asking you for the $3000 that it should cost you to work with me 1 on 1,  I’m making you this extremely valuable offer.

You can get my personal help, a recording of the discussion, and a mindmap of the whole thing without paying $3000.

You’ll simply make one payment of $350

The truth is that I KNOW this is low. So please don’t be surprised if you come back later and find that the price is $1,000, $2,000 or $3000 more.

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