Dave “Works” from around the world creating laughter

Dave Berman is an internationally recognized laughter expert, coach, author, and public speaker who is best known for creating Laughter Yoga demonstration videos every day since the start of 2016 (yes, still going!) He was a radio announcer for 10 years. He began his daily laughter practice in 2011 while living in California and working as a life coach and hypnotherapist. Dave’s innovative blend of methods lead to co-writing Laughter for the Health of It with Kelley T. Woods, and co-creating with James Hazlerig the Laughnosis curriculum he taught while traveling the world in 2017.
Learn more about laughing with Dave at http://DailyLaughers.com
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Sam Nordberg works from home teaching others how to develop courses

With over 10 years’ experience training others, Sam has taught a huge range of people including training members of the Australian Defence force, Emergency Services, Government Departments and Surf Lifesaving Foundation. She knows how to make the Course Creation process quick and easy, so you can leverage your business and have a bigger reach.

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Bringing Business To The Beach

Lady preneuers Nicole and Kelly have joined forces for another year to bring you a brainstorming event at the beach! Beachpreneurs Co-Owner, Kelly McCausey of  Love People + Make Money has been making money online doing the things she loves since 2002. Today she’s a Blogger, Podcaster and Coach. She works with smart solopreneurs to fine tune plans and projects that attract and serve a community of people they love. Beachpreneurs Co-Owner, Nicole Dean of NicoleDean.com Nicole is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, Successful Blogger and Podcaster, and a Business Consultant to really smart people. Her goal is to help you to Awesomize your Business, Awesomize your Life, and Awesomize the World.

Game: Kelly has to describe beach words to Nicole. Can she guess them all within a minute?

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Nicole Holland

Nicole helps people add an additional income to their bottom line.

07:34 How to monetize your love of pets

09:00 The first step in figuring out how to monetize your passion

14:00 game time!

24:00 How doing what YOU want helps make the money flow

25:00 Nicole’s advice to someone who wants to work from home but doesn’t know where to start

Brenda’s book How to Passion From Your Profits.


Danielle Miller Figuring Out Your Brand

Danielle Miller, author of Smartypants Branding. is on a mission to to change the paradigm of branding for women. She’ll tell us stories of leprechauns and unicorns and what they mean in getting your ideal client.

08:00 Why being authentic makes things easier

09:00 Fake it till you make it?

13:00 Why Danielle doesn’t use formulas

18:00 How getting upset helps your business

22:10 game time!

28:00 what about people who aren’t ready to “put themselves out there”

Brenda’s How to Profit from your Passion book

Find the assessments Danielle talks about at DanielleMMiller.com